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About Guyton Chiropractic in Marana, AZ

Chiropractic care is your natural solution to a pain-free and healthy lifestyle. As your Marana chiropractor, Dr. Guyton utilizes corrective chiropractic care, using state-of-the-art technology and advanced approaches to help patients overcome head, back, neck, and other joint pain.

Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced natural health care in Marana, Tucson and the surrounding areas using various adjusting techniques and therapies. Get your lifestyle back without side effects of drugs, and address the root cause of your health issues instead of masking over them with drugs or surgery.

How chiropractic works:

The nervous system controls all voluntary movement, such as speech and walking, and involuntary movements, such as blinking and breathing. There are, however, interferences known as subluxations that occur in our body. Subluxations may be caused by poor posture, a fall or accident, sports injuries, and even through the process of being born.

Chiropractors are the only doctors to detect and remove subluxations from the spine through chiropractic adjustments.

Why Choose Guyton Chiropractic

  • Experienced and Professional Chiropractic since 1997

  • We Accept Most Insurance

  • Marana owned and operated

  • X-Rays on site – no need to go elsewhere

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve been going to Dr Guyton for about 2 years. This last year he treated me through my pregnancy and I honestly don’t know what I would have done about the back pain that came with pregnancy without him! Also my baby was past due and he did an adjustment to help start labor and sure enough less then 24 hours later I was being admitted to the hospital to deliver my baby girl! Now Dr Guyton will be gaining a new little patient when I go back for my next appointment!

Breanna McCabe

Dr. Guyton provides professional service. I was comfortable from the time I walked in the door. I didn’t have to wait long, and all of the services are available at the office…no need to leave to get an xray. Dr. Guyton’s examination was thorough as he explained things to me from the xray, made suggestions that could help me in between visits, and was very easy going! I’ve had a bad back for several years, and Dr. Guyton has been there for me for over a year now, providing the same exceptional service!

Timothy Sitter

I was really hesitant to ever see a chiropractor, but the first time I met Dr. Guyton, those fears immediately disappeared. He made me feel comfortable, talking me through each step. He is super friendly and knows what he is doing.

Kim Johnson

Friendly, comfortable atmosphere and employees. Dr. Guyton and Erin are always friendly and make me feel happy to stop in for my appointments. Dr. Guyton has helped me relieve my back pain that others have been unable to do. I recommend Dr. Guyton to everyone that it looking for a chiropractor.

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Professional & Friendly- We correct the source of your issues so you can enjoy long lasting results!

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